The Wildexperience Wild boar and roe deer hunts

In Hultsfred, Sweden, enjoy the thrill ofHunting for wild boar and roe deer

How would you like to stalk boars/deers as they come to feed? We offer wild boar and roe deer hunts in Hultsfred, Sweden, about 317 km from Stockholm.

Hunting season:
Wild boar
Under one year, Feb 1 to Mar 31

fully grown, Apr 1 to Jan 31

Conservation hunting

all year round

Roe deer
Buck hunt May 1 to Jun 15 & Aug 16 to Sep 30

fawn Sep 1–30.

deer in general, Oct 1 to Jan 31

Hunting trip package:

Two-night ambush/stalking, incl. 2x ambush/stalking, 2x accommodation, guidance and linen. The accommodation has everything you need to prepare food.

Ask for a quote.

Ferry price and the Swedish hunting card are not included in the price. However, we are happy to help you with obtaining a card.

The minimum calibre is 6.5×55. You need your Finnish hunting card, identification (e.g. driver’s license) and firearms permit.

Even with a European Firearms Pass, you need to register your firearm at the Swedish customs.
Link to online registration of firearms