The Wildexperience Wild boar and roe deer hunts

In Hultsfred, Sweden, enjoy the thrill of hunting for wild boar and roe deer

How would you like to stalk boars and roedeers as they come to feed in the early and evening light? We offer wild boar and roe deer hunts in Hultsfred, Sweden, about 317 km from Stockholm.

Hunting season:
Wild boar

  • Under one year, Feb 1 to Mar 31
  • Fully grown, Apr 1 to Jan 31
  • Conservation hunting
  • All year round

Roe deer

  • Buck hunting May 1 to Jun 15 & Aug 16 to Sep 30
  • Fawn Sep 1–30.
  • Deer in general, Oct 1 to Jan 31

Hunting trip package:

Two-night ambush/stalking, incl. 2x ambush/stalking, 2x accommodation, guidance and linen. The accommodation has everything you need to prepare food.

Ask for a quote.

Ferry price and the Swedish hunting card are not included in the price. However, we are happy to help you with obtaining a card.

The minimum calibre is 6.5×55 swede. You need your Finnish hunting card, identification (e.g. driver’s license) and firearms permit.

Even with a European Firearms Pass, you need to register your firearm at the Swedish customs.
Link to online registration of firearms