The Wildexperience Goose hunts

The many thrills of Goose hunting

We stage goose hunts in Southern Finland (Salo–Raasepori) where your group will have several private fields at your disposal. While we scout the goose feeding grounds in advance to ensure a successful hunting experience, we cannot give you a 100% guarantee of bagging quarry – it’s hunting, after all.

EUR 500/person, incl. 4x field hunts, accommodation, decoys and a guide with whistles.

Booking fee EUR 500/group.

You can also bring your own dog.

The accommodation has everything you need: sauna, shower, microwave, stove and TV. Or feel free to order a dinner for your hunting group – just let us know well in advance.

The accommodation is located 15–35 km from the hunting grounds, depending on where we stage the hunt.

Before leaving for the trip, make sure you have your hunting card payment taken care of.
Also, don’t forget to bring your firearms permit.