Driven hunts in Tunisia, autumn/winter 2023

Our offering includes hunts in Zaghouan, Nafidha, Siliana and Hammamet.

5 hunting days, 6 nights in an all-inclusive hotel EUR 2,350/person + tip paid out to the beaters on the last day EUR 150/hunter

6 hunting days, 7 nights in an all-inclusive hotel EUR 2,400/person + tip paid out to the beaters on the last day EUR 175/hunter

Depending on where we hunt, the hunting grounds are located 10–120 km from the hotel.

The example below is a 6-day hunting trip package!

Day 1 is a travel day. If Lufthansa is used, we arrive at the hotel by 5:00 PM.

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3. hunting
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The hunting schedule is as follows:
departure from the hotel at 6:00–6:30 AM, transportation to location 30 min – 1hr 45 min, with the hunt starting around 8:00 AM. Depending on the area, two longer drives or 3 medium drives. We have a picnic at around 1:30 PM while the beaters collect the boars from the challenging mountain terrain. After lunch, hunters get to take pictures of their prey and tag their trophies. Departure from the hunting grounds around 3:30 PM.
Extra amenities available at the hotel, including spa and massage. A small tour to the nearby region can be arranged as an added service.
Our hotels are all-inclusive (Mehari Yasmine Hammamet *****), breakfast always at 5:30–5:45 AM
Beer and Tunisian red, white or rosé wine is served at the field lunch, no hard liquor.
A hunter is not allowed to join the chain of hunters or a accompany a hunt if blood alcohol level exceeds 0.04.
If a hunter runs late on the morning of a hunt, the group waits for 15 minutes and then takes off without the latecomer.

Enjoy wild boar hunts in Tunisia where a relaxing vacation meets the thrill of hunting.

The price does not include airfare.

Jani Salmi
JS Wildexperience / JJ Wildexperience Hunting Oy
+358 400 570 342