Driven hunts in Romania

Enjoy the stunning landscapes with our Action-packed driven hunts in Romania

Have you dreamed of bagging a wild boar with 8-inch tusks? If so, book a hunting trip with Wild Experience to Romania and the Carpathian mountains where the boars are huge and trophies are  impressive.

Our Romanian driven hunts consist of two different packages, one being the alpine mountain region hunt and the other a flat country hunt in Western Romania.

These two hunts are very different from each other.

The mountain region not only offers impressive trophies and stunning vistas but also presents a physical challenge. Due to the challenging terrain, the hunters move to their position in the line on foot, typically meaning that they walk the last mile or so. You don’t need to be in top shape to manage, but a basic level of physical fitness is recommended.

In the mountains, we typically stage 1–3 drives per day. The drives take a long time, so the hunters waiting for game need to remain alert at all times.  Typically, 8–15 boars are bagged per day.

The flat country, on the other hand, is very similar to the terrain found in Poland, consisting of meadows, fields and oak forests. On flat country, we can typically stage 3–5 drives per day, depending on the time of day. Trophies are a bit different from trophies bagged at the mountains; while there are more boars in the flat country, the tusks are less massive. Typically, 12–25 boars are bagged during the day.

In Romania, the type of accommodation is a hotel or an inn, and both options are cosy and comfortable. As for meals, you get to enjoy a breakfast and a delicious, fulfilling dinner at the accommodation and lunch in the field while hunting.

On a final note, while Romania is renowned for high-quality driven hunts for wild boar, we can also provide memorable experiences in private hunting, thanks to our partner network of skilled professionals. Whether you want to stalk red deer stag, roebuck, chamois or wild boar, Romania is the destination for you.

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