The Wildexperience Driven hunts in Poland

Eventful and action-packed Driven hunts in Poland

Join our trip and see for yourself: driven hunt and hospitality at its best – the Central European way! Every hunter should get to experience the joy of hunting for game in Poland at least once in their lifetime! The stunning rural landscapes with lush meadows, valleys and oak forests draw many travellers back to this wonderful country time and again.

For the past several years, we have been staging driven hunts across Poland for our customers, and with the help of our skilled and professional partner we can tailor a package to meet the individual needs of your group.

The driven hunt destinations in Poland are famous not only for the rich wild boar and deer populations but also for the opportunity to see and bag red deer, fallow deer and moufflon, depending on the destination.

The driven hunts are fast-paced and smoothly organized, so we can typically stage 5 to 8 drives a day, sometimes more! The Polish hunting mentality scoffs at the idea of unnecessary waiting or hassling, so you’ll get to enjoy a well-organized hunt.

At our driven hunt destinations, our customers can expect not only hunting grounds rich with game but also high-quality hotels/inns with tables groaning with food, and the Polish breakfast and dinner are guaranteed to fill your belly. As for lunch, we always enjoy a field lunch while hunting.

The hunting trip package always contains wild boar along with deer doe/fawn. Additionally (depending on what the customer prefers), the package can include red deer hinds/calves, fallow deer does/fawns and mouflon ewes/lambs. For some destinations, we can top the package with 1 red deer stag per day.

A trophy fee as per price is list charged for red deer stags, fallow deer bucks and mouflon rams.

The schedule for a hunting day is as follows:

Early wake-up at 6:30–7:00, breakfast, gathering at the hotel yard to wait for transportation to the hunting grounds. The first drive of the day goes ahead when daylight is sufficient. As said above, the drives are fast-paced, thanks to the well-trained dogs and beaters who know the grounds well. We take a break around noon to enjoy a delicious lunch, typically some brew with, for example, wild boar sausage. A few more drives are staged after lunch. The day is capped off with a parade at nightfall, presenting the game bagged, honouring the prey and thanking the beaters for a great day. This is followed by transportation back to the hotel where a delicious dinner awaits.

The hunts available in Poland are not limited to driven hunts. We also offer high-quality private hunts, such as red deer stag / roebuck stalking.

If you find your interest piqued, contact us for a quote.

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